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    Marquette, MI  –  December 31, 2015  –  Join Adam Carpenter from Adam Carpenter’s Outdoor Show right here on Good Time Oldies as he broadcasts LIVE today from the Super One Foods New Year’s Eve Surf and Turf Sale!

          Adam welcomes you to Super One Foods in Marquette

    There’s so much to choose from here at Super One Foods, but the New Year’s Day sale is only through 5 pm, so you’ll need to hurry! Giant king crab, giant scallops, giant shrimp tuna steaks, fresh and smoked salmon – it all looks so delicious!   Pete K., the manager of the Meat Department has everything you’ll need to ring in the New Year with an amazing dinner!

    Pick up USDA choice Black Angus New York Strips or USDA choice semi boneless prime rib roast to go with your seafood selection or go with the lean and tender baby back ribs – they’re only $2.99 a pound. All steaks are on sale! You don’t want to miss these savings, so stop by Super One Foods right now! The sale ends at 5 pm!

    You’ll find amazing deals for your New Year celebration tonight! Stop by the meat department in Super One Foods and check out the wide selection of steak and seafood – and it’s all on sale until 5 pm today!

    Check out the live audio and some pictures below!

          Super One store manager Ed and Adam talk meat
          Ed from Mama Russo’s chats with Adam about their beer brats and more
          Adam drools over the awesome surf and turf at the New Year’s sale at Super One Foods
          Adam describes the delectable baby back ribs at Super One
          Josh from the Meat Department talk about their years of combined experience with Adam

    See more pictures here!