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    Luke G. getting the run-down on the show from a special guest

    Luke G. getting the run-down on the show from a special guest

    Marquette, MIMarch 25, 2017 – It was a great Saturday at the Superior Dome for the Boat, Sport, and RV Show.  There was a great crowd that showed up to check out the largest indoor display of recreational products in Northern Michigan. Great lakes Radio was there bringing you all of the action live.

    Major Discount was in attendance giving you the low down on all the great deals! He also caught up with Matt from Lakeshore Bike and discussed the fat-biking opportunities near Marquette.

    There is still one more day to go! The Boat, Sport and RV Show wraps up tomorrow.  The show tomorrow runs from 11am-4pm.  Great Lakes Radio will once again be there bringing you all the great action.

    For more information on the Boat, Sport and RV Show, visit their Facebook.

    Listen to audio below and check out the pictures from the Superior Dome!

    •       Major Discount welcomes you to the 2017 Boat
    •       Rob from Norway Springs chats with the Major
    •       Everyone was having a ball at the Superior Dome
    •       Check out the bicycles at Down Wind Sports
    •       Bring the whole family out
    •       Andy from Frei Chevy on GLR
    •       Talking about piers and docks
    •       Adam live with Bob from Top Gun Kennels
    •       Mr. Carpenter finds more out about Norway Springs bottled water
    •       Bring the kids out to see the trout pond and bouncy houses
    •       See the new Cobra bass boats
    •       Live and in-color at the Boat
    •       The Flying Moose was a featured booth at the show
    •       Down Wind Sports even has S.U.P.s for you to check out
    •       Lakeshore Bike having a blast at the dome
    •       Major Discount thanks you for a great event