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    Look at this great ATV that Josie won from Great Lakes Wine and Spirits!

    Look at the great ATV that Josie won from Great Lakes Wine and Spirits!

    Ishpeming, Michigan – March 31, 2016 – Congratulations, Josie of Negaunee! It was another fun giveaway party at the Red Rock Lanes & Banquet Center in Ishpeming tonight! Our Grand Prize Winner Josie Caya is “Growling Into Spring” on a brand new Yamaha Kodiak 700 from Bayside Beverage, a division of Great Lakes Wine & Spirits and Redd’s Apple Ale.

    Have you ever wondered what happens to your registration slip when you drop it into one of our sponsor’s registration buckets? Well, first the salesperson for that account picks up the bucket whenever it gets full (and that happens several times over a contest period) and brings it back to the office where several members of our team empty the buckets, pile the entries up, and start entering them by hand into the computer! We had over 20,000 registrations to enter into the computers at Great Lakes Radio. Those poor computers (and a big thanks to all the GLR staff who entered all that information into those computers)!

    The line to get into Red Rock Lanes filled the parking lot

    The line to get into Red Rock Lanes filled the parking lot

    From there, the computer randomly generates our list of names to mail invitations to, and well… you know the rest! We always appreciate how polite our fans are while the wait in line. We enjoy seeing everyone chatting and laughing in the line, but with weather like we had tonight, Dennis and I rocked the registration line and got everyone in out of the weather as quickly as we could!

    Walt Lindala from The Sunny Morning Show with Walt & Mike welcomed everyone to the party and kicked it all off with some fun door prizes! In no time at all, Eric from Mornings on 103 FXD released tables for dinner and people were filling up on Mama Russo’s yummy food!

    Mama Russ's food is so delicious!

    Mama Russ’s food is so delicious!

    Once everyone had their fill, Walt grabbed the mic again to give away more door prizes! That guy’s a door prize flingin’ machine! Honor Credit Union gave away some great swag and a Visa Gift Card to some lucky winners too! Don’t forget to stop by the Honor table and talk to Adam Carpenter about their new mortgage special – you could be saving $1,500 off your closing costs!

    We played bingo to choose our finalists and before we knew it, it was time to reveal the next big giveaway prize – the Storage Building of Your Dreams from Premium Pole Barns and Storage Sheds and Griffin Construction.

    Of course, you know what happens after we announce the next giveaway… It’s time for our finalists to open up their envelopes and see who won the GRAND PRIZE! Gifts inside the envelopes included specialty baskets from Super One Foods, a car clean up from LaFayette Collision Center, and a gift certificate to Auto Value of West Ishpeming. Josie Caya chose the Fox Sports Marquette envelope and won the GRAND PRIZE – a brand new Yamaha Kodiak 700 from Bayside Beverage, a division of Great Lakes Wine & Spirits and Redd’s Apple Ale!

    We had so much fun hanging out with our loyal listeners and giving away prizes, thank you all for coming.

    Thanks to everyone that made this night a huge success.

    Thanks to everyone that made this night a huge success.

    Many thanks to the following sponsors for helping make our giveaway another resounding success: Bayside Beverage, a division of Great Lakes Wine and Spirits, Big Valley in Ewen, BioLife Plasma Services, Tadych’s Econo Foods, Good Looks Auto Detailing, Hardee’s, Honor Credit Union, Hudson’s Classic Grill, Mama Russo’s, The Navigator, Red Rock Lanes & Entertainment Center, Super One Foods, and Vango’s.

          Listen: Josie Caya

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    The Ultimate Cave Giveaway Party by Great Lakes Radio

    Ishpeming, MIOctober 2, 2015 – I had a blast at the Ultimate Cave Giveaway Party last night! The night was full of laughs, great food, and prizes at the Red Rock Lanes and Entertainment Center. Thanks to Jeff Creten’s Custom Cabinetry, Gwinn Furniture Outlet, E & E Furniture of Escanaba, Ball & Christy Furniture of Iron Mountain, and Great Lakes Radio, Mike Kutchie won the $14,000 Ultimate Cave Giveaway. Congratulations, Mike!

    The Ultimate Cave Giveaway Party by Great Lakes Radio

    By 6:30p, hundreds of people formed a line that ran out of the Red Rock Lanes and into the parking lot! Dennis and Dee Dee registered our guests and kept the line moving. Then, Dee Dee released the tables for dinner. Starving, I piled my plate high with Mama Russo’s mouthwatering mostaccioli, cudighi bites and homemade salads. Now that’s Italian food done right!

    The Ultimate Cave Giveaway Party by Great Lakes Radio

    After scraping my plate clear, the great staff at the Red Rock Lanes whisked away my plate as Walt Lindala took the stage. Without a delay, he started drawing names and handing out t-shirts, visors, wine glasses and more from the mountain of door prizes next to him.

    Then, BioLife gave away a $50 Visa Gift Card to Mike Kutchie, ServPro gave a carpet care kit to Kim Midthun, and Synergy Fitness gave away two massages to Crystal Hackett and John Basolo.

    Next, it was time to pick out our finalists. How? By playing Bingo! The winner of each round stepped up to the front of the room and picked out an envelope. Was it the grand prize?

    A drumroll started in the banquet area as the 8 finalists ripped open their envelopes. Then, Mike Kutchie excitedly held his envelope in the air! He won the grand prize!

    The Ultimate Cave Giveaway Party by Great Lakes Radio

    Even though they didn’t win the grand prize, the rest of the finalists received great gift baskets and certificates too! Stefany Jecevicus from Gwinn won a 3-month membership to Synergy Fitness. Kim Midthun from Negaunee won a $100 gift certificate Wattsson & Wattsson Jewelers. Troy Frayer from Marquette won a LaFayette Collision Center medium vehicle wash, wax & interior shampoo certificate from UP Bargains. Kay Beaudry from Negaunee won an Auto Armor interior shampoo and exterior polish for a minivan or 4-door utility vehicle from U.P. Bargains. Brenton Fitzpatrick from Marquette won a “Guy’s Basket” from Super One Foods. Brian Jarvi from Ishpeming won a “Women’s Basket” from Super One Foods. Charles Eberhard won a Keystone Light hunter’s backpack and chair and other swag from Great Lakes Wine and Spirits.

    All of the Great Lakes Radio family had such a great time with our loyal listeners. We’d like to give a special thank you to all of our sponsors for making tonight a success! Gwinn Furniture Outlet, Great Lakes Wine and Spirits, Ball & Christy Furniture and Sleep Center, E & E Furniture and Sleep Center, ServPro, Jeff Creten’s Custom Cabinetry, Mama Russo’s Homemade Products and Catering, Honor Credit Union, BioLife Plasma Services, Synergy Fitness, Big Valley Ford in Ewen, Hudson’s Classic Grill & Bar, Super One Foods, Bayou Restaurant and Chocolay River Brewery, The Navigator Restaurant and Red Rock Lanes and Banquet Center.

    Our next grand prize giveaway is Two Tickets to Paradise! Be sure to register to win!

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    Marquette, MI – July 2nd 2015 – Turn your summer into the adventure of a lifetime with Good Time Oldies!

    Tune in to 97.5 in Marquette or AM1400 in Munising for your chance to win a trip for 4 to Disneyland!

    Disneyland Resort is fun for the whole family! Fill your days with 3 days of family fun in the park. Then, relax with 2 nights in the Disneyland Resort.

    Tune in to 97.5 in Marquette or AM1400 in Munising to find out how to win this amazing trip for your family! The contest starts on July 6th. Make sure to listen for your chance to win!

    Enter to win the contest of the summer with Good Time Oldies - a trip to the Disneyland park and hotel!

    Win a trip for 4 to Disneyland from Good Time Oldies