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    Marquette, MI  –  February 25, 2017  –  We had a great time out at the Crossroads this afternoon for the 2017 Antique &  Vintage Snowmobile Show! There’s been a lot going on the last few days for the event, including yesterday’s ride! We had Jerry and Nancy holding down the fort at today’s spectator show, and the two of them got to chat with a number of people from the show.

    The Antique & Vintage Snowmobile Show started at 11 am. The turn out for participants was even better than last year, with over 30 classic snowmobiles on display. Check out the live audio below to listen to Jerry’s interview with club president Tim. He also caught up with Sherri, talking about the free registration and event rides taking place throughout the day.

    It was a day full of fun for the entire family, with kids joining in for the Mini Sled Fun Run and Sawdust Pile Treasure Hunt. Some of the snowmobile owners joined in for the Loud Pipes Snowmobile Contest and of course, there was the Epic Mannequin Contest. Sled owners participated in this contest in hopes of winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place for the most wild mannequin set up. There were also 50/50 raffles and of course the 1977 Panther Sled Raffle.

    Interested in seeing more from the Antique & Vintage Snowmobile Association? Check out last years post and photos!

    Check out the live audio from the event below!
    Jerry and Nancy welcome you to the show
    Club President Tim speaks with Jerry
    Jerry mingles with the crowd
    Nancy checks out the vintage sleds
    It was a perfect day for a snowmobile show
    Event helper Sherri talks about all the fun for the kids
    It was an event for the whole family
    Chatting with visitors from New York
    Long-time participant Ron visits with the crew
    Jerry and Nancy thank you for tuning in to the 2017 Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Show


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    Lion's Club Car Show at Gwinn High School for Gwinn Fun Daze 2015

    Lion’s Club Car Show at Gwinn High School for Gwinn Fun Daze 2015

    Gwinn, MI – July 25, 2015 It was all about community at the annual Gwinn Fun Daze, hosted by Gwinn and the ModelTowners. Major Discount and Gordon Mielke were there to bring the fun to you! People gathered together from all around Gwinn and the surrounding areas to celebrate their amazing town, and everyone had a blast!

    Concerned citizens for a better school system in Gwinn were on hand helping folks understand the basis of the new millage coming up August 4th. Many folks supported their efforts by purchasing a stretchable rubber bracelet in support of the repair of building structures in the Gwinn schools. Roofs, buses, and computers are a few of the items that will be addressed with the money generated by passing the milleage August 4th.

    It is estimated it will cost the average homeowner in the district about $50-$80 a year on this millage. Committee member Mary Jo and Gwinn A.D. Rob Soyring both spoke with Major Discount on this topic from the Gazebo on the Great Lakes Radio sound system brought for the bands to play through. Also Negaunee, Ishpeming and Marquette all passed this type of repair-the-buildings style millage.

    Hundreds of people stopped out to get in on the fun, and there was plenty to be had for everyone, old and young! There was a 50/50 raffle, rubber ducky races for the kids, bingo, prizes, and an entire area for children to safely play in! There was also great food like brats, hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and for desert, Daughters of the Nile cotton candy! There was also live music all day, as well as antique chainsaw viewing and classic cars and tractors to check out!

    Tents and the crowd at Gwinn Fun Daze 2015- Great Turn Out!

    Tents and the crowd at Gwinn Fun Daze 2015- Great Turn Out!

    Also, Great Lakes Radio celebrated their new station 99.9FM Fox Sports Gwinn! We’re proud to bring the ModelTowners to Gwinn on 99.9FM, and the station will have ModelTowner football and basketball this upcoming school year!

    We hope you had an awesome time at the Gwinn Fun Daze this year! A special thanks goes out to the city of Gwinn, E&E Furniture, The Gwinn Lions Club, Gwinn Insurance, and Great Lakes Radio!


    Be sure to check out all of Gordy and Major Discount’s live breaks below!

    Major Discount and Gordon Mielke welcome you to Gwinn Fun Daze

    Gordy talks about all the great live music and speaks with Dale From E&E Furniture Gwinn

    Gordon Mielke talks about the delicious apple pie that he got to try

    There was beautiful music all day and we welcome 99.9FM to the GLR family

    It’s always sunny in Gwinn with Amanda and Gordy

    Major Discount and Gordy discuss the classic cars and great music

    Gordy and Dale from E&E Furniture Gwinn say thanks

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    Gwinn Comunity Members Help Clean Up Gilbert Elementary School

    Gwinn Comunity Members Help Clean Up Gilbert Elementary School

    Volunteers help clean up Gilbert Elementary School in Gwinn

    Volunteers help clean up Gilbert Elementary School in Gwinn

    Gwinn, MI – Gwinn parents, teachers and community members all gathered to clean up Gilbert Elementary School during a Work Bee to prepare for the upcoming school year.

    Many people expressed generosity and community spirit by donating a bit of their time to help make Gilbert better than ever for all the kids here in Gwinn!

    A lot of work was done during the Work Bee on Wednesday. Volunteers painted playground equipment, removed shrubs, added a new sandbox, replanted flowers around the building, spread new woodchips, painted doors, and overall just spruced Gilbert up!

    Gwinn Superintendent Tom Jayne Helps Landscape At Gilbert Elementary School

    Gwinn Superintendent Tom Jayne Helps Landscape At Gilbert Elementary School

    Gwinn’s new Superintendent Tom Jayne was on hand, and helped the team landscape the front yard of the school.

    Volunteers arrived around 4pm, with many staying until it started getting dark out.

    With all that work, we had some hungry volunteers. Good thing the grill was loaded with hot dogs ready for the hard-working friends. There was plenty of food and great music, and many happy faces helped improved the school for the upcoming year!



    Thank you to all that came out and supported Gwinn Area Community Schools, the heart of the Model Town!

    Below you listen to the interviews Gordy from Great Lakes Radio did on site, and in the gallery below see great pictures from the event:

    Gordy & Major Discount discuss the Work Bee Cleanup at Gilbert

    Gordy speaks with Bryan Heath – Treasurer for GACS

    Gordy talks with AJ Filizetti from the GACS about the cleanup

    Gordy talks with new Gwinn Superintendent Tom Jayne

    Don’t forget to mark your calendars! The Sawyer School Cleanup is scheduled for August 19th, 2015!