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Weekend Theme

Paul Simon

Rhymin’ Simon

Singer/songwriter Paul Simon takes center stage with his best solo hits. Along with the greatest hits from  Simon & Garfunkel.
coast vs coast

Falsetto Faceoff

We're starting the weekend off on a high note. It's East coast vs. West coast as The Four Seasons take on the Beach Boys.
Woman on stage with guitar

Ladies Choice

Those fantastic females of pop, soul, and rock & roll take center stage.


The greatest hits from The Fab Four. It’s John, Paul, George & Ringo at their very best.
Black and white portrait of The Rolling Stones

Stones Throw

It’s Mick Jagger and those bad boys of rock & roll as we spotlight some of The Rolling Stones’ biggest hits from the `60s,...
Detroit Vector Art

Motown Magic

The best from Motor City USA. It was a feeling, it was magic, it was the sound of young America. It was Motown!
EAGLES on a branch

Eagles Take Flight

The premier band of the `70s & `80s brings their Southern California country rock sound to the center stage. The Eagles' biggest hits and...

After They Were Fab

It’s John, Paul, George & Ringo with their biggest solo hits from the `70s & `80s.
Fleetwood Mac posed potrait style

Fleetwood Mac

The British-American super group with their best from the `70s and `80s. It’s Mac-nificent!
The Monkees publicity shot 1967

Monkee Mania

Hey, hey it’s The Monkees!! America’s answer to The Beatles hits the small screen giving us some of the biggest hits from the '60s!...