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Countdown to the weekend with Good Time Oldies! Every weekend is a special event of classics. We select a new theme to throw you back in time every weekend. Don’t forget to tune in!

About Marquette's GTO 97.5 FM

Playing the Good Time Oldies format, GTO 97.5 broadcasts the best of the ’60s and ’70s with the ’80s on the weekends! It’s the timeless music that gets people moving and remembering some of the best eras of music.

Wake up with Timm and some Good Time Oldies in the Morning. Catch your favorite classics with Becky throughout the day and end the night with Joe Jacobs.

Wondering about us and what you might here on our station?

Check out a list of our core artists to get an idea of what we play here on GTO 97.5!


GTO also streams weekly Sunday church services from Trinity Lutheran in Ishpeming, as well as Marquette sports! You can listen in on church services and sports when they are playing live. Press the button below!


Listen to Lou Bailey on GTO from 2pm-10pm.


Listen to Timm Morrison on GTO from 6am – 2pm. Timm’s love of radio goes back to when he first cracked the mic as a senior at his high school station,  35 years later he still can’t get enough.  What’s with the extra ‘M’?  That goes back to 7th grade when his nickname was “Tim with two M’s”, and it stuck ever since.  Timm enjoys golf, doing ‘dad duties’ (anything that sounds fun to his son Brock and daughter Alexis), golf, and watch collecting.  We mentioned golf twice because he plays it a lot!  Timm LOVES music and feels truly blessed to be doing what he loves for a living.

Becky Shock

Listen to Becky Shock on GTO from 2pm – 10pm. When Becky’s not on the radio, she’s probably spending time at a park doing volunteer work, or on the bike trails.  She’s an avid wildlife and nature photographer, so being able to travel with her camera is her favorite kind of adventure.  Yellowstone’s her favorite so far!  Becky’s a big animal lover , and has a senior rescue cat names Leo.  Her other hobby s experimental baking.  Becky says “I’m lucky to work with people willing to try pretty much anything.  There’s always someone at a radio station who’ll be happy to see free food!”  Becky likes a lot of different music, including Eric Clapton, Mowtown, U2, and “you can never go wrong with a little Sinatra.”

Steve Stuart

Listen to Steve Stuart on GTO from 10pm-6am on the weekdays. Steve Stuart was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana.  He grew up with a bizarre fascination with monsters and horror movies.  Friday night was for Sammy Terry, Saturday afternoon for Son of Svengoolie, and Saturday night was reserved for Creature Features.  Steve has been “surfing the airwaves” in the Indianapolis area for over 20 years.

Trinity Lutheran Sunday Service

Trinity Lutheran Church of Ishpeming broadcasts their worship services every weekend on GTO 97.5.

Trinity is on-air and online every Sunday at 9:00 am!

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