Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Weekend Theme

EAGLES on a branch

Eagles Take Flight

The premier band of the `70s & `80s brings their Southern California country rock sound to the center stage. The Eagles' biggest hits and...

After They Were Fab

It’s John, Paul, George & Ringo with their biggest solo hits from the `70s & `80s.
Fleetwood Mac posed potrait style

Fleetwood Mac

The British-American super group with their best from the `70s and `80s. It’s Mac-nificent!
The Monkees publicity shot 1967

Monkee Mania

Hey, hey it’s The Monkees!! America’s answer to The Beatles hits the small screen giving us some of the biggest hits from the '60s!...
Elvis Presley on stage with his guitar


We remember the king of rock n' roll with some of his best from the 50's, 60's, & 70's.

New Year’s Eve Party Hits

Nothing but 10-hours of the best up-tempo party music—back to back. The fun begins at 6 PM ET on New Year's Eve, up to...

All Christmas

Starting 12Noon ET Christmas Eve through 8pm ET Christmas Day we’ll showcase 32-hours of nothing but the best holiday and traditional Christmas favorites.

Mania Madness

Beatlemania and Monkeemania, the out of control fan frenzies of the `60s! We’ll re-live the hysteria and high pitched screaming girls with the...

All About Time

Whether it’s about going back in time, heading to the future, the time of day, or life through the ages it’s all about time...

One Hit Wonders

Showcasing artists and groups that enjoyed 15-minutes of fame with one hit and then that was it.