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    Bad Company Title Album Artwork

    The title album Bad Company released in 1974

    Marquette, Michigan  –  February 25, 2015  –  Who doesn’t love some Bad Company? I know I do! So, I’m pretty stoked that one of my favorite Brit hard-rock bands is releasing remastered and expanded editions of their first two studio albums as a double-disc CD or vinyl set on April 7.

    Their title album from 1974, Bad Company, peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 and went on to sell more than five million copies in the U.S. 1975’s Straight Shooter reached #3 on the Billboard 200 and sold more than three million copies in the States.

    ABC News Radio says the updated collections were remastered from original tapes according to frontman Paul Rodgers’ wishes. You’ll find bonus tracks including some recently discovered unreleased tracks along with alternate takes and mixes from the recording sessions.

    The reissues will be available as digital downloads as well (I can’t wait)! Track lists for the expanded collections are below:

    Bad Company 1976

    Bad Company – 1976

    Bad Company

    Disc One

    • “Can’t Get Enough”
    • “Rock Steady”
    • “Ready for Love”
    • “Don’t Let Me Down”
    • “Bad Company”
    • “The Way I Choose”
    • “Movin’ On”
    • “Seagull”

    Disc Two

    • “Can’t Get Enough” (Take 1)
    • “Little Miss Fortune” (Demo Reel 1)
    • “The Way I Choose” (Demo Reel 1)
    • “Bad Company” (LMS Studio Reel 2-73 Session)
    • “The Way I Choose” (Version 1 Inc. F/S)*
    • “Easy on My Soul” (Long Version)*
    • “Bad Company” (LMS Sutdio Reel 8-73 Session)
    • Studio Chat/Dialogue*
    • “Superstar Woman” (Long Version)
    • “Can’t Get Enough” (Single Edit)*
    • “Little Miss Fortune” (B-side of “Can’t Get Enough”)
    • “Easy on My Soul” (B-side of “Movin’ On”)
    Bad Company Straight Shooter Album

    Bad Company’s Second Album – Straight Shooter- released in 1975

    Straight Shooter

    Disc One

    • “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”
    • “Feel Like Makin’ Love”
    • “Weep No More”
    • “Shooting Star”
    • “Deal with the Preacher”
    • “Wild Fire Woman”
    • “Anna”
    • “Call on Me”

    Disc Two

    • “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
    • “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (Take Before Master)
    • “Weep No More” (Early Slow Version)
    • “Shooting Star” (Alternate Take)
    • “Deal with the Preacher (Early Slow Version)
    • “Anna” (Alternate Vocal)
    • “Call on Me” (Alternate Take)
    • “Easy on My Soul” (Slow Version)*
    • “Whiskey Bottle” (Early Slow Version)*
    • “See the Sunlight”*
    • “All Night Long”*
    • “Wild Fire Woman” (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
    • “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (Harmonica Version)*
    • “Whiskey Bottle” (B-side of “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad”)*

    *= not included on the vinyl version of the album.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the alternate versions and studio chat. My favorite songs from these albums respectively are “Rock Steady” and “Feel Like Makin’ Love”. What are your favorite Bad Company songs?

    And here’s some Bad Company, because… It’s Bad Company!!!


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