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    Ishpeming, MIJuly 26, 2019 – For almost 50 years, the Ishpeming Rock and Mineral Club’s annual Gem and Mineral Show has been giving U.P. residents a glance into some of the most fascinating rock and mineral formations from around the area.

    A pic from the first Gem and Mineral Show

    A pic from the first Gem and Mineral Show

    Saturday August 3rd at the Ishpeming Elks Club, the doors to the show open up at 9:30am and the festivities run until about 4:30pm! In addition to interesting gem and mineral specimens, there’s also going to be agates, gemstone jewelry, rock lampshades, cool mining artifacts, and even candle holders!

    Get a glimpse into our area’s geology and maybe pick up some unique decorations for your home or workspace! The best part of the day: free admission for everyone! That’s right, you can visit the entire show for free, and, if you’re interested in becoming a vendor, you can reserve an indoor OR outdoor space to show off your creations!

    It will be a day of fun for the whole family, and the event will also include a Kid’s Table, silent auction, fossils, and working demonstrations throughout the day! You can also take a field trip with the Rock and Mineral Club! For more information, visit their website at!


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    Gladstone, MIDecember 4th, 2018 – It was basketball night in Gladstone as the Marquette Redettes faced the Gladstone Braves. It was Marquette’s first game of the season, and they looked to start out strong. Luke G. was there live to bring you all the action live on 97.5 GTO FM!

    The game started out slow, with the opening tip being taken by the Braves. The Marquette Redettes were unable to stop Gladstone from scoring first, but they answered back soon after. Thanks to some great passing, Marquette was able to stay just a few points behind the Braves for much of the quarter, and they tied the game at 5-5 going into the end of the first.

    First Quarter Score
    Marquette Redettes: 5
    Gladstone Braves: 5

    The Marquette Redettes were playing at the home of the Gladstone Braves

    The Marquette Redettes were playing at the home of the Gladstone Braves

    After a tightly contested first quarter, the Marquette Redettes were looking to break out and take the lead against the Gladstone Braves. That’s just what they did as they went on a huge scoring run through the first part of the quarter, eventually ending with a 20-8 lead with about four minutes left in the first half. The Braves narrowed their deficit to just 10 points, but they simply couldn’t contain the Redettes explosive speed and ball movement. It was 26-14 in favor of Marquette with about one minute left in the half, and the Redettes did their best to keep Gladstone from adding any points to their first half score.

    First Half Score
    Marquette Redettes: 28
    Gladstone Braves: 14

    Marquette Redettes prepare to take the court against the Gladstone Braves

    Marquette Redettes prepare to take the court against the Gladstone Braves

    It felt like a safe lead for the Marquette Redettes, but the Gladstone Braves seemed to have discovered their defense, keeping Marquette’s lead below 15 for much of the first part of the second half. The ball was traded back and forth several times with the gap remaining at 15 as the quarter passed the halfway mark. It was 36-19 with just three minutes left, but the Redettes extended their lead to 38-19 on a jump shot through traffic. As the quarter wound down, Marquette had doubled the Braves’ score, and things looked good for the Redettes for the final quarter of play.

    Third Quarter Score
    Marquette Redettes: 40
    Gladstone Braves: 22

    The Marquette Redettes only had to fend off the Braves for one more quarter as time started coming off the clock in the fourth. They had a hefty lead, and Marquette looked to control the ball to burn time off the scoreboard. Gladstone put in the first basket of the quarter, but it only made a small dent in the Redettes’ large lead. It was 49-27 with two minutes left in the game, and it looked as Marquette had all but sealed the win. It was a great start to the season, and the Marquette Redettes were ready for their next challenge.

    Final Game Score
    Marquette Redettes: 50
    Gladstone Braves: 31

    Listen LiveThe Marquette Redettes defeat the Gladstone Braves in Gladstone, MI on 97.5 GTO.FM 12/04/18.mp3