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GTO Pays Your Bills Giveaway Coming Soon!

GTO Pays Your Bills Giveaway

Marquette, MI – January 06, 2022 – Starting Monday, January 10th, you’ll have two chances to win $1000 every week day for the next 8 weeks!

GTO Pays Your Bills
Listen and Win with GTO Pays Your Bills!

So what do you have to do to win?

First up, listen to GTO around 10am, or 2pm to hear each hour’s keyword! With two different keywords per day, you will have up to 14 chances to win each week.

Once you’ve got one or more of the keywords, visit our official GTO Pays Your Bills Giveaway Contest Page after January 10th to enter your words. Just click the graphic on the right side of the page to open the form and submit your keyword!

Then all you have to do is watch for a call from a 412 area code telling you you’ve won!

Remember you can enter this national contest multiple times each week for your shot at one of two $1,000 prizes!

To see more information including official contest rules, visit the GTO Pays Your Bills Giveaway Contest Page.

Listen carefully starting January 10th!

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